Around the Estate Schwansee


And should you decide to leave this little piece of paradise on the Baltic beach for a few hours there are many different attractions to choose from.

Three splendid Hanseatic cities, the regional capital, Germany's only amusement park by the sea, romantic Baltic sea pools, traditional ships and wonderful sailing events, an animal park, an open-air theatre, fun for children and sight-seeing, are all waiting to be discovered a stone's throw away from schlossgut gross schwansee.

Off we go!



The WONNEMAR in Wismar is a leisure pool and relaxation centre rolled into one. Everything for the kids - Kamikaze, Black Hole, Crazy, Turbo and Family slides: there is fun to be had here for all the family. If you would rather relax you will find a tropical holiday atmosphere in the palm garden, a peaceful oasis. Or why not spend some time in the sauna world, enjoy a treatment in the health spa or flex your muscles in the fitness studio.

One thing is sure: the numerous attractions for all ages will make it a visit to remember.


The Holsten Gate, marzipan, Thomas Mann, UNESCO world heritage site - these are the things we associate with Lübeck. The old city, surrounded by water with around 1800 listed buildings, historical pathways and crooked lanes is not only beautiful to look at but is the hub of a lively city with 214,000 inhabitants. Once an independent free city, Lübeck is today the largest city in Schleswig-Holstein and has been given the title of the cultural capital of the North. Lübeck is very proud of its three Nobel Prize winners. Thomas Mann (1875-1955 - Nobel Prize for Literature 1929), Willy Brandt (1913-1992 - Nobel Peace Prize 1971) and Günter Grass (born 1927 in Danzig, Nobel Prize for Literature 1999). But when we think of Lübeck it is the taste of marzipan that we have in our mouths. Here, these treats, as calorie rich as they are delicious, are served with a glass of "Rotspon", a well-known Lübecker Bordeaux wine refined there.

Today, Lübeck is full of charm and is a cosmopolitan international harbour city. The city harbour as well as the ferry harbour in Lübeck-Travemünde show how time has not stood still. From here boats start off on their journey to Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the Baltic States and Russia.



The old and, at the same time, lively city of Hansestadt on the Baltic Sea offers historical and listed monuments, tourist attractions, architectural and cultural monuments, history and an unmistakable flair. This lovely city is situated in the slip stream of the island of Poel in the Bay of Mecklenburg. From afar you can already catch a glimpse of the St George and St Nikolai churches, both steeped in history, as well as the tower of St Marie, all inviting you to come and take a closer look at what Hansestadt has to offer. Wismar is a busy centre in the north with its exciting marriage of the old and the new. Its young people and resident university students bring the city’s streets to life.


This picturesque residential city has a wide selection of attractions to charm you. A truly unique example is the fairy-tale castle on an island in the middle of the lake. Legend has it that it was here that sleeping beauty once slept. Once home to the Mecklenburg dukes, it now houses the state parliament of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the throne room and the impressive Schloss museum.  The castle and palace gardens are masterfully landscaped. Around the Mühlenteich, which was built in the 13th century, there are numerous buildings steeped in history. One of these is the Arsenal, built as the armoury of the Grand Ducal Army by Hofbaurat Demmler in 1837. Today this Tudor gothic style building is the seat of the Ministry of the Interior for Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Other things well worth visiting include the Mecklenburg State Theatre, the Cathedral and Market Square, the Freilichtmuseum, the Sternwarte, the historic city centre and the magnificent Schlossfestspiele.


Germany's only amusement park by the sea, the fantastic Hansapark is a wonderful experience for the whole family. Cowboys, Indians, trappers, saloon heroes, gold miners, vaudeville artists, wizards, with guaranteed goose bumps and breath-taking new ride experiences like the "Curse of Novgorod”, which goes from 0 to 100 km / h in 1.4 seconds. A new addition is the “Hanse in Europe” exhibition, a parrot show, cinema fun, a children's playground, various themed rides for children from 1 to 6 years old, such as reindeer sleighs, a jungle jeep, stagecoach and Mexican market carriages.



Germany's only tiger park invites you to “experience tigers close up” and have a special experience with the whole family. The ever-growing number of attractions offers visitors high-quality entertainment.

New this year: two lion cubs called Leroy and Massai are turning the tiger park upside down.